Feeling Thankful / Featured Artist

  • Fall, We Love You

    And we are planning to celebrate you in the best way in November! Artist and crafter Kerykay will be teaching us how to make Pumpkin and Vanilla scented candles. Don't miss it!

  • Featured Artist: Leslie Maloff

    Leslie will be teaching us how to hand make masks on October 17th and 22nd. Read more about her: 



    "I was born in Baltimore, Maryland in 1950. The Art Specialist for Baltimore City Public Schools told my parent to get me art lessons, and to their credit they did. I was enrolled in summer programs at various museums and art institutes for a few years and then I was taken in by a private art studio. There I received a more formal and classical education in art for about 8 years while still attending public school. I studied art in college for a while, but the practicalities of making a living dictated a suspension of art in favor of teaching in public schools. Math teachers were in demand, and that is what I did.

    I’ve been to many workshops, and painted with a wonderful and talented group of women in the Ann Arbor, Michigan area for a few years. I taught art in the classroom, in after school art clubs, and for Margate Parks and Recreation. Now that I have retired from classroom teaching I can pursue art for my pleasure again.

    I love to create pictures. Recently I have been working in paper mosaic using colors I find in magazines. It is satisfying, a lot of fun, and inexpensive. Please join me for workshops!"


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